Feng Shui: Tips for Losing Weight

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Feng shui can help improve just about anything in your life and even help support you in your weight loss goals. In this process, the most important part of your home is your kitchen and this is where you should devote your time and energy in bringing in positive energy sources to your surroundings. Clutter free is one of the watchwords of feng shui and this is very true of your kitchen when you are trying to lose weight.

When you decide to start a diet, the first thing you should do is to give your kitchen a thorough cleaning. This does not just include the floors, walls and counter, but you also need to focus your attention on your cupboard and refrigerator. Look through all the foods you have there and throw out any that are out of date or that only you eat and that are high in calories. In order not to place strain on the other people in your home that are not dieting, set aside a shelf in the refrigerator and a cupboard for the foods that you will eat as part of your weight loss program.

Calm colors are known to decrease your appetite and reduce your hunger pangs. Even though many kitchens today sport vibrant colors, such as red and orange, it is better to choose a muted color for the walls of your kitchen. In feng shui, blue is regarded as a color that helps curb the cravings for food and green is regarded as a healing color.

Water is an important feature of feng shui and is essential in any diet. Drinking lots of water helps to rid the body of the burned out calories. Have plenty of bottled water on hand in the refrigerator so that when you feel like having a drink, you can reach for water instead of pop, which does have a lot of calories, Even if you drink diet soda, the aspartame it contains is not good for your body.

The earthy elements play a huge role in bringing feng shui and positive energy into your home, Fruits and vegetables embody these earthy elements and you should have plenty of them on hand. Not only are they healthy choices for your body because of the vitamins and nutrients they contain, but they are also negative calorie foods. This means that you body actually has to burn calories in order to digest many fruits and vegetables and while keeping you feel full, you are losing weight while you eat.

Making sure your surroundings are light and airy is also important in using feng shui to help you lose weight. Use a plant as the centerpiece for your table or hang a planter in one of the corners. In this way you are combining the elements of feng shui by bringing elements of the outdoors inside your home.


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