What Matters in Games?

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I’ve had just about enough. Too many gamers and game review magazines these days seem to dismiss a game simply because it doesn’t have “next-gen” quality graphics. It seems to me that if you can’t see the sweat on a guy on the other side of a valley, then the game is inferior to others. There are plenty of other things which can make a good game other than graphics.


Believe it or not, this does matter. I really hate it when a game has a crappy, half-assed storyline. It just makes it obvious that the developers did a half-job, just looking for money. It’s not hugely important, but it does make a difference. Kingdom Hearts had a fantastic storyline, as did Clive Barker’s Jericho. The latter of these two is a vastly under appreciated work of genius. The atmosphere and story are amazing, but a lot of gamers only see the flaws.


I’m always surprised when people fail to mention this. To me, this is the biggest contributor to whether or not I enjoy a game. Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, Killzone….all had great gameplay. Jericho, not so much. Games’ need to be more than just run and gun or repetitve combat. DMC had the style meter, Killzone had mutliple characters who actually had to be played in different manners. Bad gameplay = Bad Game.


This covers a lot of different things, such as the environment, appearance, soundtrack and voice acting. Jericho had a fantastic, creepy atmosphere, but really crappy voice acting for your squad members. The best voice acting came from the monsters, which was a problem seeing as how they kept being killed by you and you were stuck with your team for the whole game. Kingdom Hearts had a brilliant soundtrack and the atmosphere of the various worlds always suited the game and helped immerse you in the world of KH.

So think about these things before you make a rash judgement on a game. Enough of the boring repetitiveness! Let’s see something original! Graphics aren’t everything, remember that!


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