Feng Shui and Pregnancy

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Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of making sure that the manner in which you place your furniture in a room, the type of decorations you use and the color of your walls and flooring will increase the flow of positive energy in your home. With positive energy comes a renewed sense of peace and well-being. Both of these qualities are important in being able to conceive, which is why feng shui has a role to play in fertility and conception.

Clutter is the number one enemy of positive energy and therefore of feng shui. Even the smallest room can be clutter-free giving you the semblance of having more space to move around and thus a greater sense of freedom. A woman who is trying to conceive is under stress and having a lot of clutter around adds to this stress. Experts in feng shui recommend that when you are trying to conceive, you should not undertake any remodelling projects in your home because this can add to the clutter and the amount of stress or negative energy that surrounds you.

A calm home is essential for fertility. A clean home is also essential, but during your fertile period of the month, you should try to refrain from cleaning the area around your bed. This may seem contradictory but it makes sense that if you are willing to be able to let the little things go for a few days then you can relax in your surroundings and feel good about them. Dust collecting on the floor under the bed should not throw you into a cleaning frenzy because when a baby comes into the home there will certainly be times when you don`t have the time or energy to do this cleaning. At the same time, you should keep the area around and under the bed free of clutter.

Elephants have long been considered elements of fertility. Perhaps an elephant statue that you can place on the bureau as a calming influence would work for you or you could have a small water fountain in the shape of an elephant in your bedroom. The sight and sound of falling water is one of the important features of feng shui because of its calming influence.

Other elements that you can add to your bedroom to employ feng shui for pregnancy include rose quartz crystals and statues of Kwan Yin, the goddess of compassion. Both of these are known to increase your chances of conceiving. You can have the crystals in a small tray surrounding candles or you can wear them in jewelry. Statues of the goddess are also useful after the baby is born because she is reputed to be a guardian of children.

Set up a bagua area in the northeast corner of your bedroom. In this current period of feng shui, Period eight, the northeast is a prominent direction for the attraction of positive energy sources. Add nine stalks of bamboo to this area to add healthy growth and make sure you tend them well. If you notice that any of the stalks are dying you should remove them and replace them with healthy stalks.

Brass wind chimes at the window of your bedroom and the main door of your home are also elements of feng shui that are practiced – not only when you are trying to become pregnant, but are helpful at any time. The wind and the brass are elements of the earth and they will stimulate the energy that enters your home.


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