A Safe Way to Repair Registry Files – Proven Not to Destroy Your PC

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A 100% safe way to repair registry files.

When it comes to finding a safe way to repair registry files you need the right information and knowledge in order to make an informed decision on which approach you should take.

There are essentially 3 options available to you when faced with a registry problem:

1. Manually fix your registry

2. Employ the services of a computer technician or specialist

3. Use specially designed software for a safe way to repair registry

The first option should never be attempted by anyone who does not possess an advanced level of experience or knowledge of registries.

One wrong move when manually fixing your registry can lead to severe computer problems. In some cases, it can lead to your computer failing to boot up ever again.

The second option, whilst being a much safer and easier solution than the first option, is expensive. Computer technicians and service specialists charge a sizable hourly fee.

When you consider that most registry problems can be solved in less than 2 minutes using a relatively inexpensive software package, this option appears to present a much less attractive solution than perhaps first thought.

These specially designed software packages are called ‘registry cleaners’. They perform a thorough scan of your Windows registry, weeding out and removing any invalid or redundant entries.

There is much skepticism surrounding the effectiveness and the safety of these registry cleaners, with some people claiming that they have removed vital registry entries from their PC’s, thus rendering certain software and applications useless.

So we decided to perform a test.

This test consisted of taking the 10 most popular registry cleaners available and judging each according to the predetermined criteria of repair skills, eases of use, and customer service. We also checked the safety features of each software package.

Overall, Perfect Optimizer came out on top, scoring a hugely impressive 4.5 out of 5 in the overall test.

Perfect Optimizer performs a thorough scan of your Windows registry with extreme precision, ensuring that only unneeded and/or invalid entries are discovered and removed. This is something that other registry cleaners lack.

It truly is the safe way to repair registry files.

In order to provide added safety protection for your computer, Perfect Optimizer also lists all of the invalid registry entries that it finds, allowing you to double-check whether or not they are linked to essential pieces of software installed on your computer, in the unlikely event that it wrongly recognizes these as invalid entries.

It also backs up your registry before performing each scan, ensuring that if anything goes wrong throughout the process, the registry can easily be restored to its original state.

With free registry error scans taking just 2 minutes to complete, it can make the problems on your computer that were once perceived to be rather severe seem rather easy to rectify.


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