Bandra Worli Sea Link

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Bandra Worli Sea Link

Bandra Worli Sea Link Project was planned and initialized by the Shivsena-BJP Government(State Government of Maharashtra).The project started during SENA-BJP GOVT.,but the next government chosen by Maharashtra was CONGRESS-NCP. Everyone used to blame the Congress Govt. for the bridge taking so long to get complete. Even I used to feel the same. But my feeling became reality last week.

My uncle works in HCC who undertook the sea-link project. Everyone blamed the government for not giving them finance or creating obstructions in the financial deals every now and then. This is one of the main reason for the bridge to take such a long time for the constructions. The project even required a Giant Crane,which was used for the 2nd time in India (previously it was used by Reliance for some project,am not able to recollect that project now). This giant crane was so huge that it can carry 5000 tons of object in any damn weather. The rent of this crane is in some hundred crores. The HCC Company asked for the finance regarding the Giant Crane but the government didn’t care about the bridge at all. Maybe,it was HCC who cares about people,especially Mumbaites and they paid the huge rent so that the bridge will get completed faster.

When the project was captured in the limelight, The Sena-BJP government  wanted to name the bridge in the memory of the great freedom fighter , Vinayak Damodar Savarkar who was a hardcore Hinduism preacher and a very educated gentleman. Even the public of Mumbai wanted that the bridge should be given the name of some  Maharashtrian personalities as the bridge lies in Mumbai,Maharashtra. But now the Congress-NCP government wants to  name the bridge after Rajeev Gandhi and gave a lame reason that he was born in Mumbai. The people are very much against this stupid reason of the current running government of congress in state.

What do you think? Should the bridge be named after Rajiv Gandhi or someone else? Post your comments.

Anuj Mhatre


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