Intercultural Tourism Adventure 2009

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One of my unforgettable adventure is cruising the Underground River of Puerto Princesa city on March 23, 2008 with my husband when he returned from Hawaii, USA from work after we being married for seven months already to our home here in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines.

He gave me a surprise date and  scheduled this tour for both of us and arranged this trip to a travel agency while I was at work.

On this tour,we joined a group of people that we just met in the tour van.The cost of our adventure was very minimal and all covered for only $62 dollars for both of us in a day tour, food included during lunch with eat all you can give away,van transportation,boat transportation, and all underground river travel permits arranged by the travel agency.We went smoothly.

My husband asked permission from the local Fire Marshal to give me a time to spend with him because I work as a Nurse and Fire Officer of the local city fire station and my superior approved because he understand our situation.We are newly married couple that has been away for sometime between our countries Hawaii, USA and Palawan,Philippines and reunited on my Husband’s vacation.

So we left early at 6 a.m. and boarded the van, we were happy.We met tourist group of people in the van composed of other nationals, the road going to Sabang from Puerto Princesa is smooth and some road are still under construction which is still rough.We travelled for an hour going to Sabang.We had a stop over at Bay View for a snack and take a look at precious cultured pearls for sale,jade stones,other cultural handicrafts made by natives of Palawan.Looking at the view, there is the cone island and a peaceful scenery of wide sea water.We roam for awhile at the deck of the cottage and then after having snacks, we moved on.

When we arrived in Sabang our Tour Guide arranged for two boats going to the St. Paul Subterranean Park.Only a maximum of four people  are allowed in one boat.The boat is made up of typical filipino fisherman boat that is made up of bamboo and plywood with a noisy engine.We wore life vest while on the boat and we took pictures of our trip.I used my mobile phone to take pictures and I have to find a laptop with a blue tooth device to transfer the contents.

We are a mixture of variety that day from different cultures and countries, my husband is American, I am Filipino,then a couple  from Canada on their honeymoon trip, the other couple is people from Belgium, and two young adults from Manila,Philippines dating.

The sea water was so clear and clean and the mountains looks so beautiful.The sight of monkeys are common there, including monitor lizards that walk around the St. Paul Subterranian Park.We landed at the park after thirty minutes of the boat trip.

That was a great day. There is nothing to be compared than being with your love one and getting to know people you do not expect you will meet in one tour.We registered our names before going inside the cave and wear life vest and helmet for protection and ride a fiber glass boat.

While in the cave the boatman iserved as our Tour Guide was entertaining and have explained so well the historical background of this amazing creation of God for no man can do this architectural natural design.

My husband laughs during the ride because of the boatman’s sense of humor and funny description of the stalagmites and stalactites, but I said “Honey, the boat is shaking when you laugh so please contain yourself, the boat is so small and the edge of brackish water is so close to the boat and we are all in this boat.”

I cautioned him because inside the dark cave we are cruising is a deep brackish water , so to avoid any mishaps during the tour we should be still.The boatman Tour Guide strived to speak English and he was so good in reasoning.We did not get bored.He used paddle to  reach a 1.5 kilometer distance of  the underground river.The current is stronger in the farthest part and we are not allowed to go beyond this point.

We have one spotlight which is being handled by one of our companion tourist  Canadian couple husband that focuses on the objects wherein the boatman has showed us.We do have unity during the tour inspite of the fact that each person barely has an idea of each other’s background except me and my husband of course.

The cave have stalagmites and stalactites with different rock formation from the dripping of water coming from the ceiling to the walls and the center of the cave carving shapes naturally that created images of flowers,couples,vegetables,face of Christ as name tagged by the local people.

The air is cool because of the combination of water and breeze coming from the mouth of the cave.There are bats sleeping and hanging on top of the ceiling and also there is a sleeping snake in one spot which is undisturbed but we dont ever attempt to touch it of course.

The underground river is voted for one of the seven wonders of nature and we voted for it to become number one.

After that moment, we return to the park going back from inside the cave. Then we were guided to see the monkey trail.The Belgian couple decided to walk on foot back to Sabang. We used the boat back to Sabang with other group tour mates.

We had lunch in one resort with a buffet of food served, eat all you can.We had sea foods, coconut juice,rice,fish and fruits.Also that time we had conversed with our tour acquaintances and learn things about their country and we gain new connections from that moment and exchange addresses to stay in touch after the tour.

My husband had bought me two piece, hahaha for the first time i wore that in open sea.So we had swimming and then he took the opportunity of that moment for intimacy.We both felt refreshed and had a great time in the sea water.He carried me in his arms and we both experience of our love that grows in our togetherness and oneness.

Each person in our group have a story to keep and tell to others how they liked the trip and how they ejoyed such a memorable event.

When we get home, we were dropped by to our doorstep by the tour van, others were brought back to their hotels and others went straight to the airport to catch up a flight.

But this story lasts in our memories, in their hearts and will never be forgotten so I have decided to write about it to pass it on to the next adventurers.

Last Saturday, I received a key ring that has the underground river image on it and the memories flash back and took a picture of it.

Indeed, this destination is known for so many people who has gone there.In case anybody needs our help or guidance we can lead them to the right direction.

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Come to this Paradise.


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