cracking interview

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Be prepared about the organization- Research and find out the website to learn its mission/vision and value note down all the details.

Review your resume –Be prepared to and questions about what is on it and bring few copies along with your references.

Know about the job profile-Look at the key task and job specific details contact the concern person and know about the clear job description.

During the day of the interview:-

Please take care of the following tips:

1.)    Plan to arrive at least 15 mins before the interview.

2.)    Turn off your cell phone, or keep it on vibration mode.

3.)    Be very calm and polite to everyone that greets you at the interview place.

4.)    You should have clean hair/nails and cloths, cloths should be well ironed and it should look formal.

5.)    Enter into the interview room, knock the door and ask for permission “like May I come in Sir/Madam?

6.)    Smile it will help you relax.

7.)    Greet the interviewer each and every one, shake hand and collect their business cards.

8.)    Make eye contact. Indirect eye contact or shifty eyes can be perceived negatively.

9.)    Ask for clarification if you have any doubt, take notes if you ask questions that were already addressed it will appear you were not listening.

10.) Be selective about the experience you present. Always emphasize the positive as you answer questions about your skills, education and work history.

11.) When asked about a weakness, do not reveal a major flaw or personal problems, share a weakness you have overcome and how you conquer it.

12.) Be truth full about your willingness to travel, relocate and work overtime.

13.) Do not ask salary unless the interviewer raises the topic.

14.) At last ask when you can expect to be contacted


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