Tips if your Struggling with Debt

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Tips & Debt Advice if your Struggling with your Finances

If you’re struggling with debts, they may seem impossible to manage. However, there are ways to get out of debt, no matter how bad the situation seems. And there’s plenty of free advice available to help you. People struggling with debt or in need of financial guidance need not suffer in silence.

Almost everyone owes money – bills are a fact of life. But sometimes you may find you’re swamped with debts and can’t see a way of paying them all. The worst thing you can do is to ignore the problem – it won’t just go away.

There are plenty of debt help services in the UK

Here are some to consider:

* The UK Insolvency Helpline ( provides free, confidential and independent advice and is an approved referral source from institutions, including advice centres, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, colleges, prisons and courts. Advice is available on all aspects of debt advice, bankruptcy, debt management, IVA – Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Protected Trust Deeds in Scotland and Budgeting advice.

* UK Debt Service (, 0800 074 6918) has a free national telephone service to help people with problems. Its team of over 200 debt advisers provides debt advice on personal budgeting; using credit wisely and can help devise plans to repay debts.

* E-Insolvency ( provides free, confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems. This online debt advice centre has been designed to help people make more informed financial decisions.

* Debt Advice News ( online information resource, which aims to be the most authoritative source of news and information relating to debt, credit and money advice in the UK. This online debt advice centre has been designed to help people make more informed financial decisions.

An IVA is an agreement between yourself and your creditors. It will allow you to reduce your monthly repayments so they are more manageable. In many cases it is also possible to freeze interest and charges, so that you can pay off more of your debt faster. At the end of the IVA term your remaining debts will be written off and you will be debt free.. Do you qualify for an IVA? Take a free IVA debt assessment by clicking here or call: 0800 074 6918


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