Halo 3 is the Seventh Highest Rated Game

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Halo 3 was released on September 25, 2007 in North America including Brazil, Australia, India, New Zealand, and Singapore. Before its official release the game was preordered of 4.2 million copies. After having released the game, it breaks all the records of Halo 1 and Halo 2. It earned about $300 million within one weak of its release. According to a survey, the game is still seventh highest rated game for Xbox 360.

The game was developed by Bungie software and published by Microsoft. Its previous versions were especially for Xbox but the game came with windows for personal computers. Most probably all the version of the game will be released for PC in near future.

Halo 3 starts from the end of Halo 2 when Master Chief returns to earth to finish the “Covenant”. Player of the game takes the role of “Master Chief” as a main character in the game.

Surely, it is a great game with a fantastic storyline which keeps the player busy during playing. Halo 3 has some great features which are not available in its previous versions. The game has option to save game play and forge map editor for modifying the levels. You can add various new multiplayers in this. There are excellent graphics and soundtrack also.

It has some faults which does not give the way what player except. Al-controlled marines make you disappoint when you need help. It is very slow to play on online due to large number of players. In spite of, the game is better from its previous versions.

From the launch to January 3, 2008 the game copies have been sold about 8.1 million across the world. Halo 3 won award of “Best Multiplayer Game” by Spike TV, “Game of the Year” by Time magazine and “Best Xbox 360 Online Multiplayer Game” by IGN.


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