How To Handle Tragedy

The end of the world it seems like. You probably just want to crawl under the bed and die there all alone. Nothing seems to replace your loss. No matter how encouraging friends and relatives are, everything around you might seem a haze. You might feel like you have no purpose to live. This is exactly how scores of people feel when they hit a tragic situation in their life. There are several people, who just cannot seem to live move on in their life. When one tragic situation hits, it is a very emotional time and this can even drain a person physically. The worst is when you tragically lose a loved one in an accident. The other tragedy is when you have had to face the end of a long lasting love affair. People build their dreams around people and materialistic things but fail to cherish themselves. That is exactly where pain comes in, when you cannot find joy in the things that you currently have.

It is human tendency to curse God or even blame other people to try to get over their pain. However, the truth is this, people are not responsible for bad times, it is the SITUATION that you are in is responsible. Situations drive people to act badly. No one is born to be a bad person. Situation makes them what they are. This is not to justify that the act that happened is a good one, but to help you understand that the more you harbor hatred against a person or a thing, the more negativity you host inside of you.

A few steps that you can follow to overcome grief is all you need. Read this article and it would outline exactly what you would need to move on and start over again.

  1. Stop thinking negative. Say to yourself, every time you remember your tragedy, that you will make it through it. That you deserve better, that you are strong and that you will survive no matter what. The more you say things like that. It is likely that you will be able to gain your self-confidence again.
  2. It is ok to cry. As you keep talking to yourself positively, you will tend to hold back tears. However, it is good to cry. Pick a good movie that would remind you of your tragedy and sit down to cry your eyes out. When the movie is over, try getting some sleep. This not only refreshes your system but also relaxes the agony that you have been holding onto.
  3. Stay in the company of people. Force yourself to go out every day. Though it might seem that you just do not want to move out of bed or your couch, make sure that you drag yourself out and talk about everything other than the tragedy to the people around you. Sometimes pretending that nothing happened can be good.
  4. Pick a good friend. This is most likely the best way to heal. Amidst all the fun and talking that you are doing to keep your mind away from the past, you need that one special friend who you can sit down and talk to about your past. Even better is if you can meet a counselor. As long as you have someone who would just listen to you, without passing judgment.
  5. This is the most important part of any grief. You should first WANT TO HEAL. Sit down and think if you prefer crying and staying glum or if you really want to feel better. Some people are upset whether affected by tragedy or no. Such people would definitely need more counseling to find happiness within and no article or book will help them find happiness.

Happiness comes from within. Find out for yourself who you are on the inside and get on that path to recovery.

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