Ode to the Dandelion

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Weed Killer – WHAT is the point?

I just got done mowing, trimming and sweeping my yard.
Woo-hoo. No, I do not want a pat on the back or a ticker tape parade,
I am just flabbergasted that anyone would spend more time than that on
their lawn. Specifically on removing dandelions.

Is it me, or are there others out there who think that spreading all these
chemicals on the lawn is borderline insane? Weed Killers are a standard
fare in my little neighborhood. As you walk along on any given spring day,
the crunchy sound of the little fertilizer and weed killer crystals pop under
your feet on the spans of sidewalks near lawns. I can smell it in the air.

I can understand the reasons for mowing.
I can understand the reasons for trimming.
I can understand the need to keep the lawn neat and tidy.
Appearances are important, and keeping weeds and grass from getting too
tall prevents strange bugs and other creatures from making their
way to your front door….

BUT c’mon folks….. What is wrong with the DANDELION?
Why are we spending SO much money trying to kill them?

My daughter loves them. She picks them and plays and brings
a wilted bouquet to anyone deemed worthy. She stuffs them in
her cement mixer toy, or dump truck and chatters away about

They are edible, and considered a
“storehouse of iron, copper, potassium, calcium and magnesium”.
Apparently, “You can use the leaves in salads, sandwiches and tea.
The root can be used as a coffee substitute. The flowers can be used
for wine and schnapps.”

Amazing how quickly we dismiss it’s beauty.
I found a poem online for your reading pleasure…..

Ode to the Dandelion (or Why I Shouldn’t Cut the Grass) by Nancy Ness

Thank you Nancy! You said it more eloquently than I.
The Dandelions STAY!


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