What is Unschooling?

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Unschooling is often defined as a type of homeschooling, but it is really much more.

Unschooling is, in a nutshell, interest-led learning. This means that the unschooled child learns skills or gains knowledge as he wants to learn it or he needs to learn it.

Unschooling is how babies learn how to walk and toddlers learn how to talk and three year olds learn to question everything around them with the endlessly-repeated, “But, WHY?”

Unschooling is how adults learn a new hobby or explore a new interest.

Unschooling means freedom to learn or not learn based on readiness and desire. It means never quenching that spirit of adventure and discovery that is the God-given right of every human.

Unschooling works, and works better than any artificial curriculum or learning schedule, because it 100% Grade A Natural TheWayHumansLearnStuff. We ALL unschool, our entire lives, except those twelve to sixteen years most of us spend in a school being informed what we will learn next, regardless of our interest or need to know at the time.

Are you intrigued? Excited? A little skeptical and more than a little scared? I was, too, when I started my unschooling journey in 1994, pregnant with my first child.

I did a lot of research and had a lot of great conversations, online and off, with more experienced unschooling families. I met the parents, I met the kids, and it all made me think, “Yep, I want in on that!”

Plus, as an entrepreuner, I know how I learn best, and unschooling resonated with me right from the start.

I am excited to share my family’s unschooling experiences via my blog at


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