How to Prevent Razor Bumps in the Bikini Area

Before you shave make sure you have a new, sharp razor.  If you have extra sensitive skin I recommend that you do not use a generic or store brand razor.  These just aren’t as good, in most cases, as the name brands.

I personally prefer the Gillette Venus razors, either turquoise or pink.  The ones with the disposable heads are better, in my opinion, than the ones that are completely disposable, handles and all.

To help keep razor bumps to a minimum, shave the area DRY and wait a few days between shaving, even as much as a week, so that there is hair to actually be shaved.  Razor rash occurs easily in areas that have little hair growth to begin with.

Use a GEL shave cream specifically for sensitive skin and apply it against the hair growth.  The object of shaving gel and cream is to make the hair stand up so you get a closer shave.  For super sensitive skin, instead of using shave gel use Cetaphil skin cleanser, the one in the tub type container, not in the pump dispenser.  It is a little pricey but it will out last a can of shave gel 5 times over.

Shave the bikini area WITH the hair growth.  Remember:  Apply the gel AGAINST the growth and shave WITH the growth to keep irritation to a minimum.

After shaving, rinse and pat dry.  When the area is completely dry apply a clear antiperspirant to the freshly shaven areas, avoiding the vagina.  Let dry and get dressed. I don’t know why this works, but it does.  When was the last time you had shave bumps on your armpits?  See?  It works.

This is a “stripper secret”, the antiperspirant trick.  And it doesn’t show up under black lights.  😉

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