How to Setup Your Own Blog for Profit

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There are many free blogs out there that will allow you to create your own blog. The only thing wrong with free blogs is that you do not have your own domain name and you have no control over the blog as far as customization.  It’s important that your domain name reflects the topic your blog is about so that your topic is searchable and your blog looks professional. You also want to advertise on your blog so that you can build up a revenue stream. This will come over time and does not happen overnight. Below I have set up some basic steps that will get you started in creating your own blog or blogs. Be sure to check out my reference links that will help you get started.


Find a hosting service that you can have your blog hosted on. There are many hosting services that offer blog hosting. WordPress is the most favorite by bloggers and is very customizable. GoDaddy is one hosting service that provides WordPress Hosting and is very affordable. They even have a month-to-month plan so you are not locked in for a whole year.  Whatever hosting service you choose make sure they support a blogging platform.


Once you have your domain name and blog hosting service established you are on your way to blogging. Assuming you will be using WordPress, the first thing you need to do is get familiar with the control panel and the initial general setup. is the site for all the information you will ever need to know.


Choose a blog theme that suits your blog content. There are many on and other free sites.  Just Google ‘Free WordPress Themes’.


Write about 5 to 6 articles, so that you have some content on your site.


Create a Google Adsense account for your advertising revenue.


Download an Adsense plug-in, from, so that you can add your Adsense code to your blog.


You will also want to download the Platinum SEO Pack plug-in from This will optimize your blog so that its search engine friendly.


Submit your site to free search engine sites regularly. This will help search engines find you.


Every article you write, make sure that you submit them to social websites like Stumble Upon, Digg, Stumpedia, Facebook, etc. This will help with creating link-backs to your site. This is very important because some search engines determine the importance of sites with how many link-backs are established.


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