What is Period Eight Feng Shui

The Flying Star school of feng shui divides time into nine periods, each consisting of twenty years. According to this time division, we are currently in Period Eight of feng shui. Each period also has a specific associated baqua, which for Period Eight is the Ken Trigram. Baqua is one of the main tools used in feng shui to analyze the energy of a space, such as that of a room in the home or the entire home.

The Ken Trigram has three representative elements – earth, youthful energy and the direction of the Northeast, which you should incorporate into your designs in order to achieve feng shui. All three combine to give you the effect you desire, but it is important to understand what each of these elements mean and how to use them in feng shui.

The earth element for Period Eight employs the use of the color of light yellow. This is the energy enhancing color you should strive for and when used in combination with yellow crystals you double your lucky period. This is because these crystals are considered to be energy enhancers. When choosing yellow as the color for the walls of a room, you should choose unradiated yellow citrine, but yellow amber or yellow jasper will also work just as well. Decorations for the room, even if you don’t paint the walls yellow, can include the use of the yellow crystals in bowls, candleholders, or wall decor.

Jewelery containing crystals will also give you the earth element you desire. Clay, ceramic and other earthy materials are also excellent choices in feng shui because they will bring you closer to the properties and materials of the earth, which is an important aspect of Period Eight.

Success in business and in life is the watchword of Period Eight feng shui. The second feature of Ken Trigram – youthful energy, or the young man symbol, focuses on the youthfulness of young adults and teenagers and their enthusiasm for life. You also need youthful energy to help you maintain the health of your body and to be physically fit. When you have good health you have more energy to devote to projects of all kinds, you enjoy life and the people around you and you are better able to get out and about to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The main door of your house should face the Northeast in this period of feng shui. More energy comes from this direction and this will enhance the energy and the luck of the house and its residents. In business, if you face the northeast when you are working, this will help you have more energy for your work and help you to be successful in your undertakings.

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