Top 5 Smartest Animals

There are many traits in life and allow creatures to go about their lives and sometimes an absence of these traits can lead to a downfall of the particular species. Here on earth you generally have creatures that use one of the following primarily to survive: smarts, strength, speed or evasiveness. Today we are gonna discuss intelligence in the animal kingdom with this top 5 smartest animals list.

At number five on this top 5 smartest animals list we have the elephant. Throughout history man has used the elephant as a tool because of their intelligence and sheer strength. You probably have heard the phrase an elephant never forgets and for the most part this is true they have an incredible memory. They are also very protective of younger animals while moving and communicating in groups.

The number four here on the top 5 smartest animals list the dolphin. These are truly amazing creatures known to communicate, have sex for fun and learn to do numerous tasks like counting and telling the difference in colors. They save humans, are used in rescue missions and by some naval forces to send messages between forces.

For number three on the top 5 smartest animals list I’m gonna say man’s best friend the dog. I mean the dog is able to lead a blind person, herd cattle, rescue trapped humans, learn to count, learn commands and tons of other things. Just stop for a moment and think about all the amazing things that you have personally seen or read about in the past.

So getting up near the top we have primates or monkeys as number two on the top 5 smartest animals countdown. There really isn’t all that much that these creatures are unable to accomplish. They use tools, can dress themselves, count, learn colors and some have even learned sign language which is amazing to say the least.

The top spot on the top 5 smartest animals list belongs to us the humans of the world. Most people don’t consider us to be like the others but we are whether some admit it is another thing altogether. This trait is what keeps us on top of the animal kingdom over some of the fierce predators of the world.

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