Become leader of your flock – Teach your bird to love and respect you

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My friends, family, and strangers who have seen me with birds have always called me the bird whisperer.  There hasn’t been a bird that I haven’t been able to calm down and feel comfortable around me.  I have a deep love for birds over all types of pets, and have just connected with them, and feel I am in control around birds.

I have a strong belief that a bird is not happy unless their owner loves them.  An owner doesn’t truly love them unconditionally unless they have a bond with the bird.  My mission in life is to help people bond with their birds and help their relationship grow.

Birds are not meant to be bought and kept in a cage with food and water all their lives.  It’s not fun for the bird, and it’s not fun for the owner.  If the bird is vocal, it may be the only thing keeping the owner happy enough to continue to feed and clean the birdcage.

If this bird is new to your home, let him get adjusted for a few days before trying any of this.  If he’s lived in your home for a while, now is the time to start teaching your bird that you are the flock leader.  Time to gain his trust, and show him your love and respect for him, and demand it in return.

Make sure your bird’s wings are clipped.  Clipping your bird’s wings is a major thing.  If you can’t clip them yourself, you will need to bring him into a pet store, or vets office to clip them.. You will want to clip the last 5 flight feathers.  They won’t be able to fly, but they will be a little more stable on their feet.  This will do wonders for your bird.  Safety is most important.  It’s very important that your bird never gets away and flies out a window, into a boiling pan of water, or out the door.  Clipping their wings will also help you with training.  When their wings are clipped they depend a little more on you to get around and to help them than they would with them unclipped.  They also tend to have a bad attitude when they have their wings and can fly.  They no longer need you.  You want to be the flock leader, start by clipping their wings making them more dependent on you, and showing them who’s boss.

Bring your bird into a small room with the doors and windows closed.  Open the cage door and see if the bird will come out of it’s cage on it’s own.  You will need to show this bird that you are NOT afraid.  Do not wear gloves, as this will only scare the bird.  Talk to the bird in your sweetest bird voice.  If the bird comes out of the cage, you will attempt to pet the bid.  Do not pull away and if the bird does bite you, my suggestion is while it’s holding on fling it onto the ground.  This will kind of scare the bird and teaches it not to bite.  If he’s just attempting to peck bite, then take it, and just force the bird to accept you to pet it.

You will need to endure a few bites for the bird to give up and say, Ok.. I didn’t hurt this person, and over time the bird will lose the joy out of biting you and stop.  If you really have a tough time petting the bird, or putting him in his cage you can toss a small hand towel over top of the bird, and pick it up bringing it closer to your body.  Keep sweet talking, and trying to pet him to show him your not out to hurt him.  Then put him back in his cage.  Do this daily for the next 7 days, and the bird will start to be a lot gentler.  With much consistency, and a lot of dedication this bird will start to love you.

Once the bird bonds with you and shows you love, I guarantee cleaning or feeding the bird will no longer be a “chore”, instead it will be fun.  Good luck with your bird.  Don’t give up! You deserve the awesome bond that can be built between owner and parrot!


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