Travelers won’t get much legal protection oversea

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When you’re traveling to Asia one thing that you should know is that you won’t have as much security protection as in America. The justice system there is not a democratic like the US. There are some Asian countries that are still practicing communism like North Korea. Although Vietnam and China are not portraying themselves as communists, they are still following the principle of communism. If you read the News about these countries, you will know that they are still practicing communism. Communism is different from democracy. Communism is like totalitarianism where one man or king gets to decide on every major decision and no one else gets to say anything about it. This affects you as a traveler or a potential business man. If you come into a legal dispute, you will not have the protection or fairness that you get in America. This is why you should be hesitant if you’re a business person who’s trying to do business with some country in Asia and especially in Vietnam. You might end up losing it to them. You won’t get a fair and speedy trial like you would in the US. You won’t have a right to a court hearing or a free lawyer.

You don’t get as much as you would get in America. The jail there are worst than they are in the US. They can do things to you and no one would have any saying about it. What you read in the news about those countries is mostly true. This is why you need to be a cautious traveler and business person. You want to be able to come back to the US without problems. You want to do business without losing it to people and not have anyone else to help you solve the problems. There are US embassies in those countries but it will take a very long time before you get to settle anything. When you travel to any other country like Paris, Italy, Germany, you don’t have to worry as much about health, law issues. They are as good as the US or even better but this is not the case with countries in Asia. Asian countries could be one of the few that are still struggling with health, law, human rights issues. All of these things affect you as a traveler and as a business person. If they don’t care about human rights for their own citizens then why would they care about traveler’s human rights?

What if you run into a legal problem in their country? You can imagine that it will take a long time for you to get things resolved. You might get tired from their problems that you might even give up trying. This is how it’s like in Asia. You have read the news and it’s nothing new. This is why you must take precaution to protect your health, legal problems when you’re traveling to that country. You can’t make a phone call to a police station in some Asian country and expect them to come right away and assist you. They don’t have a public number where you and call for help. They don’t have free public service like you do in America. You can call 911 in America as a traveler but you don’t have 911 in Vietnam and you can’t call for assistance. You might be left struggling with your own problems. If someone mugs you, you just have to go on. You can call a police man over but what is the probability that he will take a police report and go find the thieves for you. They don’t offer that kind of service in Vietnam where they run after thieves for the public. You don’t have that much legal protection when you’re traveling to some countries in Asia like Vietnam, or Thailand, Korea, Philippines or China.


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