Social rules of Asian culture for Travelers

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When you’re traveling to Asian country, you might wonder about their social etiquette. It will be helpful if you know how they socialize and learn a few of their non-verbal symbols. These can be interesting since it’s completely different from the US.  One interesting thing that you can learn about some Asian culture is that they don’t smile that much. They talk fast, loud, angry like they’re angry but they’re not really angry. It’s the way that they talk. They don’t shake hands. They will be confused when you offer to shake hands with them. They don’t hug, kisses or show public display of affection. The men are stoic and the women are soft. This is starting to sound familiar if you know the culture. They don’t drink milk, wine, or eat cheese. They don’t have these in some Asian country. They don’t use fork or champagne glasses. They use chopsticks and coffee cups most of the time.

The houses are decorated with wood instead of carpet. You will rarely see carpeted house in Asia. They often leave the front door open. It’s just the nature of the culture. They welcome their friends. The little villages are small and they all know each other. They don’t dress up. They can be villagers who don’t have a lot of money. They will wear old, dirty clothing. The boys or girls can go without their tops. They might not wear socks, or shoes. They don’t wear a lot of ties in Asia. It’s not common to see men with shaved heads unless they’re a monk. They all grow out their hair and Asian men don’t go ball often. The women leave their hair very long. It’s just a tradition. They don’t wear a lot of makeup in the rural areas. They might wear makeup in the city. A lot of locals might have poor personal hygiene. They might have poor teeth, brown teeth from smoking or just no teeth at all. They can’t afford fake teeth sometimes there too. A lot of Asian cultures chew tobacco so they will have poor teeth. They chew a lot of tobacco in Asia. The local people smoke a lot too.

Tobacco is manufactured in China primarily so you would expect them to smoke a lot. People in Asia eat rice, vegetables and meat sometimes. They don’t have things like hamburgers or milkshake. It’s more like food from the west. You will see a lot of soul food too which you might not like to eat. They can eat the entire body of the animal like pork’s nose, legs, liver, heart, and so forth. They may also use the blood of the animal to make other food which you might not like. This is not healthy of course but they do it and that’s why the locals can have illnesses from eating these kind of food. Whenever you enter their home, they expect you to take off your shoes and your hat. It’s just a tradition. They bow too in Japan and China. If you’re not sure what to do, you can bow and they will take that as a hello. People in Asia rarely look directly into each other’s eyes. They look on the ground or somewhere else. If you stare directly into their eyes, it could be a sign of rudeness. Women are submissive in Asia.


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