How a criminal background can keep you from your dream job

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Keeping a clean record is very vital for your future success. If you have a criminal background or bad credit, you might be denied of employment. This is true if you’re seeking an executive job. If you’re seeking a low paying job, they might not check your background or credit. If you’re seeking management jobs or executive jobs, they will look at your credit. If your job has anything to do with public health or just the public, they will check your background and your credit. In some states, they will check it more than others. You have to try to keep a clean record. This is important and you can pass it on to your kids. Kids are reckless and they get arrested over little things but those little things may prevent them from getting good jobs in the future or even going to certain school like medical school, nursing school or law school.

Kids don’t know about bad records affect them later on in life. It could keep them from ever getting a high paying job unless they work for themselves or become a dancer. If you do things like dancing, they might not care about your background but you don’t want to dance all of your life. You can do construction work but even some construction work will ask for a background check. Arrests like DUI, drugs use, or theft will prevent people from obtaining a good job unless they erased them. You can pay an attorney to have some record seal but not all of them can be seal. If you have a record that has to do with violence, assaults, sexual assaults, robberies, the state won’t seal those. They will seal less offensive crimes like DUI, drugs use, or traffic violation.

A background record will keep you from getting your dream job. This is true if you live in Vegas. They won’t hire you if you have a background. They won’t hire you if you have bad credit. They won’t hire you if you have a bad public record. They will check for everything and this is why you need to keep your record clean. People can be reckless with their lives. They would get into little fights with their neighbors and they will end up with an arrest for assault even if they never touch their neighbors. I knew a lot of people in my town that fight all the time. They have a criminal record of course. You won’t get a good job after you have a criminal record. You can work for yourself and you might get away with that. You can’t work in certain institution if you have a criminal background. You can’t work in the hospital, court, casino and school. You won’t get admitted to that school. Medical school, law school, nursing school, health professional school won’t admit people with a criminal background. They will check for it. This is why you need to keep a clear record and counsel your children to do the same. I used to have a friend who couldn’t even get an administrative job because he had a criminal background. He was a talented college student from UCI but they wouldn’t’ hire him because of his credit.


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