Local Free Summer Kid’s Movies

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Free Summer Movies

Looking for a way to entertain your little one’s this summer? Maybe it is too hot outside, or just the opposite, maybe it is raining. You’re looking for something fun to do and to get out of the house, for a bit of a routine change try attending a summer movie program.

There are a variety of them to choose from. They vary slightly per sponsoring company. But the basic premise is to introduce movies to your children without having to worry about offending other patrons. In return, the movie industry hopes they have a life long patron. What a great way to offer a bit of variety to your summer schedule. Or maybe you can use it as an incentive to get chores done or as a special treat for a great task accomplished. Consider inviting friends to attend with you or schedule a play date that meets up at the theater.

Each theater offers a different menu of movies for the summer. Some theaters offer a G rated and a PG rated movie each week. Some theaters only offer this summer children’s movie program once a week while others offer it for more than one day a week. The websites listed below will offer the list of movies that are offered, if there is a fee (this typically is a dollar if a fee is associated and it usually goes to charity) but most of them are free, your local venue and usually they will list a snack promotion as well. Here is where they can recoup a bit of money.

Keep in mind these movies are geared to the youth. They are not first run movies. But, they are still worth a viewing especially for a first time theater experience. They do tend to be popular and it is first come first served. Most of the theaters open an hour before show time.

The nice thing about attending one is that you don’t have to worry if your little one makes noise, kicks the seat in front of them or wants to leave early or roam around. This is the norm and these actions will not faze anyone in attendance.

Enjoy your summer movie viewing! I hope to catch a few of these this summer with my daughters. There are a few offerings I am actually excited to see, so it’s not just entertainment for the young in age, but may the young at heart!

The following list is not all-inclusive. If your local theater is not listed, do check with their website and see if they offer a summer movie camp, kid’s summer movie program, free kid’s movies or family film festival. They may vary the names but the programs with be similar to those below:

Great Escapes Theatres
free, days vary by location

Goodrich  Quality Theaters
M – F at 10:30am costs $1

Regal Entertainment
Tuesday and Wednesdays at 10am

Kerasote Theater
Wednesday and Thursdays free 10:00am

AMC Theatres
10:00 am Wednesday’s $1 goes to charity


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