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RadiusIM is both a social network and an Instant Messenger. Firstly, it is important to describe the meaning of each term:

-IM: Instant Messaging or Instant Messenger

This kind of pages and software allows its members to send and receive messages, images, emoticons, sounds and video in real time. This means that it is not necessary to spend time downloading a program, which uses space of the hard disk. The user can sign in its account directly on his or her Internet browser.

-Social Networking site

A social network is a place to find people from a region, country or from the whole world. There the users are allowed, in most of the cases, to create a personal profile which contains images, personal info as your birthday date and name, comments from friends and a description of themselves.

Therefore, RadiusIM is both a social network and an IM because the  users can create a profile, search for new friends to establish relationships, send and receive photos and chat as if they were using a messenger.

The Map

The map which RadiusIM gives to its registered users to find people allows them to check every country in the world. For example, if they want to find someone on Spain or China, they just have to move their mouse and reach the respective country. Once there, the page displays lots of small images which regards to different people which are connected there in a specific moment.


As a personal point of view, I have been a member of RadiusIM for a while. The feature that I like the most in this page is the one which allows users to right click in any person nickname and displays options as see profile, send a message and add as a friend.


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