Jupiter Neptune and Chiron Conjunction 2009 – How The Conjunction Affects Everyone

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Jupiter and Neptune will be in conjunction on May 27, July 10 and December 21, 2009. This conjunction represents one of the major astrology themes of the year.    On May 27, Chiron was also close to these planets, joining the conjunction.    The conjunction will be in Aquarius so what might this mean to you depending on your sun sign?   

Aries and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction

Your hopes and wishes are likely to be grand; if you lower your sights you are more likely to see some hopes come true. Club and society activities will bring out the best in you now.   

Taurus and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction   

You’re more determined to reach personal and professional goals. A lucky break is possible and you will accept that it’s not just what you know but who you know that sometimes counts.   

Gemini and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction   

Higher education, travel and long journeys are all possible now. Something significant is likely to happen in a faraway setting.  

Cancer and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction   

Credit is offered perhaps too easily if you are seeking a loan. Think about it before signing any dotted lines. Borrowing money might not be the only way forward; consider other options.  

 Leo and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction  

 Expect increased communication between partners. Close friends and loved-ones have grandiose plans. Who will be the one to bring them down to a more realistic level? Shared experiences might heal relationship problems and difficulties.  

Virgo and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction  

 If you truly want to succeed in business, your heart has to be in your work. If you have high ambitions, this is the time to push yourself forward. If you feel you’re in the wrong line of business, start looking at other alternatives.  

 Libra and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction  

Love, romance, children and creative sports are highlighted. Activities with loved ones will feed your emotional needs. If you’re single a new romance will heal your loneliness.   

Scorpio and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction  

More activities, communication and interesting happenings going on at home and in your local environment will keep you active and alert. A family holiday will help rejuvenate relationships between kith and kin.   

Sagittarius and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction  

 It’s easier now to express your emotions. Conversations can get deep and serious. You’re being encouraged to express your hopes and wishes. Let your imagination flow.   

Capricorn and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction  

You could make some extra money but you need to be prepared to put in the work. An item that has sentimental value could go missing. You’re more aware now of what’s important in your life: people or possessions.   

Aquarius and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction   

Will you become a pleasure addict with no regard for others, feeling you deserve a little extra attention and the occasional treat or will you act on your intuitive responses when with people who are needy? It’s a great time for you to help other people to help themselves.   

Pisces and the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction   

You might be spending time in hospital, either visiting, working or as a patient. You will feel emotions strongly and dreams will seem to hold a hidden message, helping you come to terms with past difficulties.   


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