Jupiter Neptune Conjunction 2009 – What does it Foretell

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A major astrological event occurs in the year 2009 and this is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius which first occurs on May 27th, then again on July 10th and the final meeting of these two planets will be on December 21st.

Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron Conjunction

Chiron will also be close to Jupiter and Neptune at the end of May and Mars will form a sextile (60 degrees) aspect to Jupiter and Neptune. The triple conjunction marks the dawning of a more enlightening spiritual chapter in everyone’s life. People who aren’t religious, may still seek spiritual experiences such as being drawn to music that moves them, finding ways to help others and spending more time with nature.

Triple Conjunction in Astrology

A triple conjunction is an astrological event where two planets meet each other three times in a short period. This is possible because after the first conjunction occurs the planets continue through Aquarius, then turn Retrograde (in apparent backward motion) to meet back at that same point before turning Direct again to once again meet in conjunction (at the same degree of a sign) and continue through Aquarius.

What Might Jupiter Neptune Chiron Conjunction Bring?

This is a strongly spiritual combination which can inspire new hope and brighter expectations. Jupiter represents expansion and freedom. This planet is associated with foreign dealings, religion, philosophy, education, good fortune and excess. It rules religion and the justice system.

Neptune has links with the mysterious and spiritual. This planet is linked with secret undertakings as well as mysticism. Neptune is also the planet of illusion.

Chiron is the great healer and the sign in which this conjunction occurs: Aquarius, is associated with individualism, science and humanity.

During 2009, spiritual and intellectual growth around the world is likely to grow stronger; many people will experience a transformation in their beliefs and moral values.

Rather than one belief, religion or discipline being promoted as being superior to any other, there will be a new religious movement that brings multiple disciplines and religions together, synthesizing these into a more cohesive, understandable body.

So greater tolerance could bring about movements to weave cultural and belief systems together to heighten the contribution people can make to each other’s lives through compassion and goodwill in their daily living.

Cautions about the Jupiter Neptune Conjunction

The main problem is that while in conjunction, these planets can promote the positive, there is always the danger of building hopes too high (Jupiter). People may overestimate capabilities or discover much of what they believed in was built on an illusion (Neptune). Reality may, with this conjunction, bring some pain. Wounds will be licked (Chiron). Before new and more realistic attempts will be made again to bring about possible transformation in areas associated with these planets: foreign dealings, religion, higher education, justice systems, medicine (Neptune) and science (Aquarius).


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