Best Reseller Hosting offer with WHM as well as high downtime!!!

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I think, Hostrocket offer best price reseller hosting. So, many company have super resellers hosting offer like hostrocket. But, they are not reputed. Hostrocket is a reputed company! Anyway, they offer 1 year hosting only $83+ & for 2 years monthly only $4.95! Though, they provide 1100+ GB raid protected hosting with WHM facilities & all other reseller facilities. I purchase a hosting from hostrocket before 6 month ago. First time they are ok. But, now it’s really impossible to run hostrocket hosting. I just want to show some data of hostrocket hosting uptime:

From: Jun 22 2009 12:00 AM (GMT +6:00)
To: Jun 29 2009 12:00 AM (GMT +6:00)

1. eMedia Server ( HTTP Test (Port 80)
– uptime: 95.228%
– downtime: 08hr 01min

Date: Jun 26 2009 (GMT +6:00)

1. eMedia Server ( Ping Test
– uptime: 95.833%
– downtime: 01hr 00min
– outage: 1

2. eMedia Server ( FTP Test (Port 21)
– uptime: 70.833%
– downtime: 07hr 00min
– outage: 2

3. eMedia Server ( DNS Test (Port 53)
– uptime: 35.000%
– downtime: 15hr 36min
– outage: 2

4. eMedia Server ( HTTP Test (Port 80)
– uptime: 75.000%
– downtime: 06hr 00min
– outage: 3

5. eMedia Server ( MYSQL Test (Port 3306)
– uptime: 95.833%
– downtime: 01hr 00min

When I try to complain their live chat, no chat stuff replies me. I call 24 hours support phone! Only USA time, they receive call. But, other time it’s received on answering machine. But, on USA time I call 26 June. I am waiting 59 Minutes, after that, stuff receive my call. He inform me, I server is on under work. It will be ok within few hours! I just ask him, how much time you need? He informs me, it’s depend on! May be 2 hours or 5 hours! 

Accept downtime, you will face so many problems. I used only 900MB space. But, when I try to create a new hosting account on WHM, I informed there have no free space. I open a support ticket & after 3 days, this problem solved. But, on next month, I face same problem. This is hostrocket!

If you open a support ticket or send them any mail, they will reply the main after 2-3 days later! I think, this is only hosting company in the world who provide like this support!

If you want a big space hosting with overselling permission, you may take hostrocket hosting. But, when you provide hosting your customer, you must need to inform them, this hosting downtime is high. But, if you wish to take low price hosting, only you can choose it.


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