Best Items to Sell on Ebay

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When searching for products to sell on Ebay, start by looking at  actions that intrest you. Like I said, antiques are hot sellers. Start by searching Goodwill, garage sales, and estate sales. Jewelry sales are usually hard to break into, but gold is another hot option given the current economy. Be sure to authentacate all purchases to be sure you are not buying costume jewerly. Griswald products were caste iron products manufactured in Erie, PA. Hard to find items like dutch ovens and No. 8-10 skillets should fetch between $40-$200 on Ebay. Antique, metal lunch boxes in good condition should net around $60-$400. I found a vintage Dukes of Hazard lunch box at Goodwill that netted $150. I spent $7 on the orginal purchase.

Coupons are also good sellers on Ebay. I take all of my mail offers and turn them into a nice profit. For example, a New York and Company coupon was mailed to me (save 30% of $150 pruchase). I sold it on Ebay for $15. Remember, these were FREE, and I would have thrown them away if I did not use them. My Ebay business will be directed soley towards coupons in the next year because they are FREE and shipping costs are minimal. Selling coupons such as grocery store clippings in lots net more money, and saves you, the seller, listing costs.

Baby formula coupons are perhaps the biggest sellers on Ebay (as far as coupon sales). Many sellers will sell out of  coupons 30 minutes after listing. People will pay near face value to save .50 in the grocery store. Baby formula is expensive, and people are willing to pay for a coupons that saves them money. These coupons are available by registering on the manufactures website, but they take months to arrive. Many people who buy these coupons in lots know that they will have them in hand in 5-7 days. Remember, these are also free and a $2-$10 profit after shipping and listing fees is a good return if you have several listings per day.

Overall, summer is a bit slower in terms of Ebay selling. The key is to find an item that costs you, the seller, next-to-nothing, and sell it for maxium profit. You are running a home business, and people are paying for your service. In this ecoonomy, people are looking for a bargin, and are turning to the Internet to find money saving ideas/items. I can’t think of a better way to be at home with my children while making extra money.


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