Aries and Libra Love Compatibility – Aries Libra Relationship Astrology

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Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and Libra is the seventh. Aries is a sign that is very much aware of themselves, their needs, hopes, desires and goals in life. Libra is a sign of partnership. When I say this, I mean that Librans work best with other people. They prefer to be in company rather than by themselves. And they like to think for ‘two’. Librans love their partnerships and they get a lot of pleasure through living their life as part of a team.

Aries and Libra Compatibility

So far I haven’t said anything which means that you won’t enjoy your relationship with a Libran. You don’t mind it if your Libran partner supports your efforts and goals. Libran is generally easy-going in a relationship and he or she won’t put up too much of a fight if they disagree with the things that they do.

Maybe they’ll make the odd comment or two but you have ways of getting around your Libran and it can be quite fulfilling to know that you’ve won the battle. But just be sure that Libran isn’t secretly seething inside. Because if he or she starts to feel badly done to, that’s where your problems will begin. Libra is your opposite sign and in your opposite number, you will find many areas of happiness.

You enjoy your personal freedom and your Libra partner would never curb your need to socialize and get out and about. You like to have fun and you like to act on impulse. You need someone who shares your adventurous spirit and it will be seldom if ever that your Libran partner would try and talk you out of trying something new. If anything, they’ll be happy to go along with your ideas, if just for a change!

Aries and Libra as Friends and Lovers

You are both outgoing and sociable. Librans love to party and you could be surprised at how many social invitations he or she accepts on your behalf. Librans are so friendly that they get on with almost everyone. And it could be that your partner has a lot of influential friends. This can be useful when Ariens never turn their backs on good opportunities.

And therefore, you could mix a lot of business with pleasure through circulating among your partner’s many and varied acquaintances. Just don’t always expect your Libran partner to share your energetic ways. You have so much energy and enthusiasm that you never seem to tire. Librans aren’t so active or sporty. Librans prefer activities that don’t demand too much physical energy and that don’t get their hands dirty. Whereas you, as an Arien will roll up your sleeves and try almost anything. This shouldn’t be a problem in the relationship if you both respect each other’s little ways.

Aries/Libra Relationship Summary
Libra is a refined and quite intellectual sign. You’ll probably share many mental and physical interests however really, YOU are probably the more passionate and demonstrative in this partnership. So don’t take it too hard if it takes a while for your Libran to open up to you. This is just a small part of their nature, but you’ll soon teach your partner the joys of loving!

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