Aries with Virgo Love Compatibility – Aries Virgo Relationship Astrology

There’s an impetuous side to your Aries nature that sometimes gets you into a bit of trouble. Well, when you’re with a cautious, practical Virgo, he or she is bound to keep you right. Virgos hate to take risks of any kind. They can be very shrewd, don’t get me wrong. But they will be calculated and careful about everything that they do and sometimes you will find this a bit boring.

Aries with Virgo Compatibility

Maybe you’ve already noticed it but there is not a lot that you have in common with your Virgo partner. Now this does not mean you won’t be happy in this romance. For if there is one thing that an Arien loves, it’s a challenge. And trying to work out what makes your Virgo partner tick will keep you occupied forever and a day. You’ll get a lot of pleasure too, through trying to get your Virgo partner to loosen-up a bit and to take life a bit less seriously. If you’re successful, your Virgo will appreciate you showing them a side of life they don’t normally get to see.

But some Virgos don’t want to be changed. They’re quite happy with their tidy and orderly lifestyle and they will prefer that their partner respects their neat little ways. If your partner is reluctant to accept you for what you are, there could be problems. For he or she just won’t be able to curb that tendency of theirs to criticise most everything you do. Why can’t you put the top back onto the toothpaste tube? Why do you leave books, magazines and other bits and pieces all over the place? – It doesn’t take two minutes to tidy everything away. What’s wrong with regular meal times? – Why do you have to go out so much? – These are all the things your Virgo is likely to complain about, so are you ready with your answers?

Aries/Virgo Relationship

Now after your partner has finished what he or she has to say, what kind of affect will it have on your relationship? If you were one of the lesser confident signs, you might start to wonder whether there is anything about you for others to respect and admire. But, as well you know, although your partner may not agree with certain aspects of your nature. well .. That’s their problem. For you don’t see why you should change, just to keep them happy. Really, I have to say that lots of effort will be needed to make this relationship work.

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