Aries and Gemini Love Compatibility – Aries Gemini Relationship Compatibility

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Compatibility between sun signs is based on the general characteristics of those signs. A true astrological analysis between two people would involve a complex comparison of their charts. Even so, an impression of the tone of a relationship can be gleaned from comparing zodiac signs. This is an indication of the potentials within an Aries-Gemini relationship primarily from the Aries point-of-view.

 Aries Dating a Gemini: What they Might Expect

A romance between an Arian and a Gemini will never be boring. They’ll always have lots to do together and lots to talk about. When they get together, the hours fly by and they’re never at a loss for words. Aries will feel so ‘right’ with their Gemini partner and they’re really comfortable in their company. This relationship has a lot going for it. When two intelligent people such as an Arian and a Gemini join forces they will enjoy each other’s company. Their lively minds will never run out of subjects to discuss and debate. They are both straightforward and honest with one another and because each of them will be willing to try new things and instigate changes every now and again, they should never grow bored.

Aries and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

All in all, this sounds like a good basis for a partnership. But getting deeper into their relationship, a few cracks may start to show. Aries is a physical and demonstrative Fire sign. A good sex life is a must. Their Air-sign Gemini partner is more of an ‘intellectual lover’ and may not be as passionate. Until they sort out the difference in their approach to their love-life, each will feel a little uncertain about how long their relationship might last.

Gemini is a flirtatious sign; they love to be friendly with everyone. It would be easy for Aries to get jealous here but they shouldn’t let it show. Gemini would not feel happy about Aries trying to curb the more sociable side of their personality. Trust is an important part of a relationship and a romance without trust will only lead to disaster. Gemini will be faithful but he or she will still need to see their other friends regularly. Aries shouldn’t try to restrict this social butterfly otherwise this romance might not last.

Compatibility Between Aries and Geminis

An Aries Gemini relationship, in astrological terms, IS a very compatible one. Aries is passionate and energetic, ambitious and full of fun. Gemini is versatile and exciting. When Aries comes up with new ideas, Gemini will suggest a few more. Gemini’s free and easy approach to romance is perfect because it means Aries won’t feel restricted in any way. Whether male or female, as an Arian they do enjoy their personal freedom. They enjoy romance too and in a Gemini, they have found a partner they get on really well with. Someone who shares many of their own personality traits and a lover who will try their best to please them in every way they can.

Are Arians and Geminis Compatible?

This is a fun relationship. Maybe neither of them wants to get particularly serious yet. Maybe the friendship they have with their partner is more important than the romantic or passionate side of loving. If they talk their needs through and they’re both aware of what the other is looking for in romance, they will be surprised and their friends will be surprised at how long this relationship lasts.

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