How to Tour Modular Homes Online

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Touring modular homes is fun, even if you aren’t in the market to buy them. Every year new models come out and they never cease to amaze me in what they include into these pre-manufactured homes! They are absolutely gorgeous. If you enjoy home tours, you’ll love this option!

Google ‘modular home manufacturer’ or ‘modular home sales’ or ‘modular home virtual tour’ (

Go into the modular home manufacturer’s website and look for the listing for photos, floor plans and virtual tours. You may need to go through the floor plans links and then click the individual modular home model name to get to the link for the virtual tour.

You should be able to click on different virtual tours such as one for the living area, kitchen and maybe some other room in the modular home. They may not show the entire modular home but it’s fun to see parts anyhow. The virtual tour is like a video that pans around the room. You can pause them on your favorite spots and some even allow you to zoom in and out. Be sure to visit the link in the resources section below this article to learn more.

During my own search, this helped me immensely to have the ability to tour these homes virtually versus driving all over the state looking. After I found homes I wanted to see in person, I was able to jot down the model name and numbers and call the modular home sellers closest to me to inquire if they had those models available.


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