Neopets Help – How to get free Neopoints and get rich quick

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Neopets Help – How to get free Neopoints and get rich quick

Neopets is irrefutably one the most famous virtual pet websites that caters to already more than 170 million registered users and the amount is only expected to continue growing by leaps and bounds. While Neopets might have teenagers and minors as their main target audience, the site is packed full with many features and attractive graphics which would appeal to adults alike. One most frequently asked question by users would be : How do I make neopoints quickly? Well, here are some tips and hints on how you could make neopoints and eventually become wealthy yourself.

  • No, you don’t need to cheat. Cheats, hacks, neopoints generator and the like are for those no-hopers who incessantly nag about how hard it is to make neopoints. Wrong. One of the easiest ways would undoubtedly be playing games. Neopets is rather well known for its vast collection of flash games and other just as addictive browser games.  Some of these games easily provide 1000 Nps PER play and since you get to send your score thrice in a day, that’s 3000 Nps per game. Just by playing 3 of these games, you would have obtained 9000 Nps per day. In a week, you would have made 63k right off the bat just by playing games alone. Not to mention, there’s also the daily featured game that awards double the amount of neopoints! Sponsored games also award a generous amount of NPs and usually are very easy to play. I won’t tell you which games to play, find ones that suit you best and that you’re good at but my personal recommendations would be Kass Basher, Meercha Chase II and Haunted Shootery.
  • Restocking is undoubtedly THE best method of making NPs quick and easy. You could be making yourself anywhere from 1 000 Nps to 50 million Nps and more if you’re very good at it. Restocking basically means buying from the main shops available – speaking of which, there’s plenty of them. However, you do need a decent internet connection that boasts high speed in order to succeed in restocking. That and pure luck. Familiarise yourself with the shops and you’ll be well on your way to being a neomillionaire.  My personal recommendation for this would be the Bakery, Furniture, Book, Pharmacy and Food shop for beginners. Trust me, I’ve made more than millions just by reselling these restocked items  from these shops only – this is especially true for the Pharmacy shop where I’d make AT LEAST 100k per day by stocking Herbal Scrambled Eggs and Medicinal Soaps.

Fore more detailed explanation and guide on restocking, please have a look at my other article :

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  • Stock Market is another way of making a large sum of neopoints but be forewarned – it usually takes ages for it to actually pay off. Players basically invest on a stock, and wait for it to hit a certain peak amount before being sold again for profits. You are advised to buy stocks at 15 Nps per unit in a quantity of 1000 per day. That makes it 15 000 Nps per day. Do this for let’s say, 10 days and you would have invested 150 000 Nps. As soon as the stock hits 60 Nps(the price at which you are recommended to sell your stocks), you’d be able to sell them all for 600 000 Nps and make 450 000 Nps profit just like that. But as aforementioned, it might take days, months or even years for the stock to hit that desirable cut-off point for sales. Regardless, you are still advised to invest since it’d be most beneficial in the long run.

That basically sums up the steps to get yourself rich in Neopets. There are many other ways of course, but I just listed these three methods which I personally think are the easiest for your convenience.


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