How to Spot an Email Hoax

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I hate checking my email to find out that if I don’t forward this email to 10 of my friends, my dog will die! Or, if I add my name to the top of the list THEN send it to my whole address book, Bill Gates will send me money! How about the one where I’m supposed to help the rich business man in Nigeria? These are ALL scams and they may sound silly but some people may need a little help telling how to tell the difference between something real and with a hoax.

When you get an email from someone you don’t know, it’s probably better to just delete it! It’s not worth the potential harm to your computer from a virus.

As for emails from legitimate looking companies: FedEx saying information about a package – that you’re not expecting. eBay saying you’ve won an auction – but you never bid. Paypal asking for updated information. These are phishing scams or spoof emails hoping you’ll click on a link in the body of the email and give away personal information or it will give your computer a virus.
Now for all those emails forwarded by our friends and family….PLEASE, check them out first before sending them off again! One quick search on one of the following hoax busting websites, saves me from waiting for Bill Gates and his check and saves you from looking a little gullible!


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