Bicycle Fun and Safety Tips

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Riding a bike is a good and enjoyable way to exercise or use it to get to and from any place accessible with biking.  However, it is not always safe to ride a bike, it is important to remember that bike safety includes careful riding, proper equipment and good maintenance and more importantly, some common sense and street smart.

Knowing and obeying the traffic law is one of the most important ways to avoid accident.  Learn to use hand signals when turning a corner to let the others know your move. If there is no bicycle lane, cyclist should ride the far right hand or the far left hand depending what your country is implementing.

Never allow others to ride on the handle bar because it can block the driver’s vision. Never wear earphones, it is important that all your senses are in full alert when cycling.  Night cycling should have lights and reflectors so that other drivers on the road can see you.

Bike maintenance is crucial. Cyclist should inspect their bike regularly, make sure the tires, brakes, seats, handlebars and other parts are in good condition. A regular maintenance visit with the bike mechanic is highly recommended.

Yes i know it looks  totally  uncool to wear  helmet and other protective gear, but this is the most important part of bicycle safety.  Statistics shows that 85% of all bicycle injuries could be prevented if only the cyclist would simply wear the right protective gear.  

Biking is mighty fun, but it also goes with responsibilities.  Follow the rules that goes with it. Safety must always be the main concern above all.


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