Network Topology-Advantages And Disadvantages of Tree, Bus And Ring Topology

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This article tells about Tree, Bus and Ring topologies with advantages and disadvantages of each.

 Tree Topology:  As its name implies in this topology devices make a Tree structure. This is an advanced version of star topology as central controllers of star topology work as secondary hub. All these Secondary Hubs gets connected to Central hub or Primary Hub that controls the traffic to the network. Most Devices are connected to secondary hubs. The central contains a repeater, which is a hardware device that regenerates the received bit patterns.

Tree topology with Diagram


Central hub (repeater) increases the distance a signal can travel between devices.                 


More cabling is required in a tree than in other topologies (except mesh).

Entire network collapse if central Hub fails.

Bus Topology: In such type of topology, long backbone cable is used to link all the devices in the network. Drop lines and taps are used to connect node to this backbone. A drop line is a connection between the node and the Backbone. A tap is the connector.

Bus topology with diagram                                                        


             Requires less cabling compared to mesh, star and tree topologies.

             Easy to install.


It’s Difficult to add new devices.

Difficult reconfiguration and fault isolation.

A fault in Backbone stops all transmission, even between devices on the same side of the problem because of noise generated by faulty point.

Ring Topology: All nodes are connected in ring structure. Each node contains repeater. A signal passes node to node, until it reaches its destination. If a node receives a signal intended for another node its repeater regenerates the signal and passes it.

Ring topology with diagram


Relatively easy to install and reconfigure.

Easy to add new node as only two connections need changes.                                


 A fault in the ring can disable the entire network. This weakness can be solved by using a dual ring.

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