How to Buy and Select Cheap Paintball Guns

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While one should rarely sacrifice value over the quality of paintball safety equipment, paintball guns are available today at reasonable prices and with a wide variety of interesting features.

When deciding which the best paintball gun is for you, be realistic and determine your ìskill levelî.  When  beginning, and do not know the frequency of your play, begin with an inexpensive gun.

To decide which features you need in a paintball gun, you can borrow markers from your friends and try them on different paintball fields. After you have decided on the features you require then start shopping for your gun.

When playing for recreation, there is  no need to spend a great deal of money as there’s plenty of recreational guns of nice quality that are not high priced. Note that there’s also several poor quality markers on the market so you need to your research before you buy to make certain that the marker that you purchase is dependable and can be upgraded.

When you are making designs to play in tournaments, determine what type of tournament that you will be entering.  If you are going to play in small tournaments you may use a less high priced marker or upgrade your elderly one.
However, in the larger tournaments, you will need an ìelectro-pneumaticî or a ìblow-forwardî gun, which costs a maximum of $350.

The cost of markers depends primarily on the gunís pressure method as well as its accessories.  The most popular method today is the ìcarbon dioxide pressure systemî normally used in the less high priced markers.

The primary disadvantage is that usually the carbon dioxideís performance is influenced by the temperature outside, and changes from its gas state to liquid resulting in velocity instability that affects its shooting accuracy.

Serious paintball players use the ìhigh-pressure air and nitrogen systemî markers that are much more accurate because the nitrogen will rarely liquefy. Having this characteristic, these markers are more high priced.

Extra accessories also increase the cost of your marker. A loader or hopper is a very popular accessory.  it is a container that feeds paintballs in to the gun.  Hoppers are available in plenty of varieties – some are powered and automated.  rapid and lightweight hoppers are more high priced.

keep in mind that the any marker that you purchase won’t be perfect and will ultimately have flaws.  So when purchasing your marker, always double check the choices offered and purchase a gun only if you know what you  need.


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