Best Weather to Play Paintball: In the Rain?

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When playing in the rain, everything will be muddy & slippery: consequently running, stopping & crouching will be harder than normal; visibility will be lower; & wind can make paintball courses more difficult.  All of these make playing paintball challenging which is exactly shat paintball fanatics look for; the action & the thrill!

People play in the rain for the love of paintball & the rain adds so much interest & challenge to the game.

Here are guidelines so you can enjoy your paintball game on a rainy day:

1.  Put on something that keeps water off of your body, such as a raincoat, ìslickerî, waterproof clothing or even plastic garbage bags. it is  important that you stay dry so you donít shiver as this will affect your mobility, accuracy & can be  uncomfortable.

Remember to cover your head too.  Wear any waterproof covering but make certain that water won’t be sliding down your face & cause fog to form on your goggles.  Wiping the fog from your goggles each time you pause behind a tree or a bunker can distract from your concentration on the game.   

2.  Take paper towels with you. The lens on your mask, even if it is a thermal type of lens, will fog up & paper towels come in handy; you can  wipe off the fog.  Do keep in mind that you should turn away from the action – in a ìsitting duckî (crouch) position – before you wipe the fog from your mask.

3.  Wear boots or cleats instead of sneakers to keep your feet from getting wet.  

4.  Wear gloves to prevent cold & wet hands.

6.  Shooting on a rainy day is much more different than the typical ìhose downî. Consider the amount of barrel smoke that will be produced even when using HPA.  Bring along an ìunported barrelî if you happen to have three.  Porting allows water to get in to the barrel resulting in twisting shots.

5.  Having a soaked paintball can be  frustrating. You should pack extra garbage bags for use as spare coverings. These can be used to cover your gear & function as a raincoat in emergencies.  Huge plastic transparent bags also are great for covering the head, hoppers & the gun.  You can effectively turn your gun in to a waterproof weapon by basically covering it with plastic & securing it with rubber bands.

there’s  so plenty of ways to add thrill to your paintball game:  permit your imagination to run wild & experiment with things.  Have fun in the rain!


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