Weird and Totally Bizarre: Nature’s Naughty Displays

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Sometimes nature has its way of showing its naughtiness maybe to give humankind some things to laugh at or

something that would remind us that human and nature are the same that we should also handle it with care.

These unusual nature’s naughty displays were created through genetic anomalies from several living organisms

and some were sculpted through certain geological factors.


Image Source

This strange old tree is located at Muir Woods in California, USA. It was really surprising to see this very strange

old tree because it looks like it has a male sexual organ.


Image Source

Here’s another unusual tree that looks like it also has a male sexual organ.


Image Source

Because of some genetic anomalies or other factor, some trees bear fruits which are unique from its usual fruits

like the fruit on the above photo.


Image Source

Nature has so much wonders to offer. Some root crops, like this parsnip is very peculiar. Because of its unusual

look I named this one a “phallic parsnip”.


Image Source

Just like human beings, there are also fruits and vegetables that look different from the normal ones. They also

suffer from diseases and genetic anomalies just like this tomato which appeared to have a man’s genitalia.


Image Source

This weird-looking organism is a non edible species of mushroom called Common Stinkhorn or scientifically known

as Phallus impudicus. Its scientific name implies that this organism looks like a penis.


Image Source

This species of pine tree also bears a fruit that is totally bizarre from the usual fruits that it bears.


Image Source

Another odd-looking object is a species of cactus with a very unusual flower that resembles a man’s reproductive organ.

Here’s an additional funny and rather obscure objects created by nature.


Image Source

Here’s another peculiar but unnamed rock formation situated alongside a beach.


Image Source

Still another unusual and unnamed rock formation found in a forest.


Image Source

And here’s another one. Nature is really funny, and as I have said naughty. This peculiar rock formation is located

in Arches National Park, Utah, USA. This is the same site where the famous Delicate Arch is located.

Hope you enjoyed this. Thank you!

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