Tattoos for Girls

Nowadays tattoos are becoming fashionable and are not getting identified negatively as before with women of the lower classes or those with poor education. Woman, in general have more curves and smaller frames than men. It is for this reason that tattoo ideas for girls and boys are different.  More and more female celebrities are getting tattoos and showing them, that may be the reason for the rise in female tattoo requests.

On girls one of the most popular parts of the body is the tailbone or lower back.  Vines are usually tattooed on this part of the body for girls, especially since the back has a nice curve to it, and will make a vine design look interesting.  You can show off this type of tattoo at the beach or when you wear your swim suit.

Inner wrists are another good place for a tattoo on a girl, since the tattoo can be discreetly placed and hidden when the wrist is turned inwards. Another location for a tattoo on a girl’s body is on the ankle or the feet. Small tattoo designs will look great on small feet and delicate female ankles, sometimes shoes and sandals will blend in with the color or shape of the tattoo design.

The upper back and arms are a great place on a girl to put larger or longer tattoos which can easily be visible from a sleeveless or backless shirt or blouse. Some tattoos don’t look as good on you as you become older, since your skin begins to stretch and sag, in turn doing the same to the tattoo.  You tattoo may start to look washed out or droopy.

Tribal design tattoos such as designs from the American Indian tribes, or those of the Maori and Polynesian people will show themselves very well on a girl’s body, and may even stand out.  Some girls prefer butterfly and flower design tattoos since those are pretty traditional.  Animal tattoos such as a graceful lioness or gazelle, an angel fish or blue dolphin, a white dove or pink flamingo tattoo are all quite tasteful and classic designs. The mystical dragonfly can also look great as a tattoo on your back, arms, legs and ankles.

Tattoos are popular worldwide among youth between the ages of 18-29. Recently an online poll estimated that within the United States, 14% of the population had some form of tattoo on their body.

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