Restaurant Empire II – Quick Review and Gameplay Tips

Restaurant Empire II – Quick Review and Gameplay Tips

The much awaited virtual culinary sensation is back folks, now with an added tinge of flavour. Pardon the pun, but the sequel to the first Restaurant Empire really does come with plenty of fresh changes to gratify players’ insatiable craving for more cuisine rush. To those who have yet to indulge themselves in the Restaurant Empire series, the game basically entails the management of a restaurant which requires well thought strategies and critical decisions.

What’s New?

  • A refreshing and brand new campaign which consists of 16 new missions
  • The addition of German Cuisines
  • A wide array of new objects to furnish your restaurant
  • New recipes, customize the appearance of your employees and many more!


Depending on the campaign chosen, you would either take the role of Armand La Boeuf or Delia Delecoeur, both of which aspire to succeed in the rigorous yet lucrative culinary business. Driven by their passion, they would both encounter obstacles along the path which you, as the player, must guide them in the right direction.


As aforementioned, players would find themselves dealing with the managerial prospects of running a full-fledged restaurant. Customers think your employees are rude? Fire them and hire better employees. Customers gripe about your food? Dabble with the ingredients and see what the customers have to say. Not getting enough customers? Allocate some of your fund for advertisement to raise your customers’ awareness! The possibilities are seemingly limitless but bear in mind that every single decision that you make in the game will ultimately determine how you fare in the world of culinary business.


Compared to the previous installment, the graphics have substantially improved – the character models are now beautifully rendered which complement the vivid and pleasing background very well.


The music perfectly suits the game and blends in well with the atmosphere – and best of all, the tunes are catchy too!


The controls are fairly easy to grasp, especially with the very helpful tutorials at the beginning of the game. Players can easily determine the functions of certain buttons or features just by hovering over them in the game itself.

Well, that pretty much sums up the game. Before you decide to embark on a journey to vie for the much sought culinary supremacy, you might want to consider these few tips and hints :

Tips and Hints

  • If the customers should complain about your staffs, it is highly recommended to just fire them and hire new ones since the complaint is most likely to remain and might even escalate. If they still complain about your newly hired staffs, fire them as well and wait until the upcoming month before hiring new ones.
  • While it might be tempting to cram in tables in order to accommodate more customers, consider the number of chefs and staffs you have appropriately. If you were to have more customers than your staffs can handle, customers might start griping about slow delivery.
  • Make sure to never block the viable paths in your restaurant, especially in the kitchen. Poor arrangement of objects might lead to inefficiency in your staffs work routine.
  • In order to maximize your profit, take the liberty of changing your operational hours to as early as 6 in the morning and end your service only at 12 midnight.
  • Customers would eventually complain about the lack of variety of choices in the menu. To counter this, duplicate your recipes and change the quality of the ingredients. This is particularly effective at the beginning of the game due to the lack of available recipes

What are you waiting for? Experience the wonders of the culinary world yourself by immersing into Restaurant Empire II now!

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