Summer Activities and Star Signs – Fun Things for Adults and Kids to do this Summer

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From camping out to partying with friends, what might each star sign enjoy doing as the days grow longer?

Aries Summer Activities

Anything sporty and activities that keep Aries active will also stave off boredom. Ball games, pony trekking, horse riding and racing are all fun Aries activities. Arians like a challenge and orienteering events that test their map reading skills as well as endurance is a great Aries pursuit. Challenge Aries kids to use their skills in an obstacle course. Hockey’s another outlet for their high levels of energy.

Taurus Summer Activities

Taurus is an earth sign and they will be happy to head for the woods or the mountains, hiking and camping.  Especially for Taureans who live in towns and cities, their longing will be to go anywhere without concrete and tarmac. Taurus people aren’t especially energetic and hiking is a wonderful way for them to get in some exercise while enjoying the beauty of nature. Many Taureans have green fingers and will find it relaxing to just potter about in the garden.

Gemini Summer Activities

Geminis love travel, communication and variety. They might make it their aim to travel in as many kinds of different transport as possible this summer. Tennis and badminton are favourite Gemini games. Dancing too will be appealing. Restless Geminis who want a change of scene have no need of a map. They’re happy just to jump in the car and drive. Doing voluntary community work is something the Gemini would happily get involved in.

Cancer Summer Activities

Cancerians will enjoy inviting friends around for a barbecue or just to sit outside under the shade of a tree having light conversation and something cool to drink. Maybe with some gentle music in the background. Collectables attract Cancerians so they might often be found rummaging around antique fairs and markets. Fun family get-togethers, visiting fetes and theme parks and sporting events will all get the Cancerian’s vote this summer. Water is a strong attraction, even just paddling in the sea helps all the stresses of everyday living fade away.

With their love of history, Cancer might also enjoy getting involved in any archaeology digs looking for volunteers in their area.

Leo Summer Activities

Carnivals, parades and galas all have a magnetic attraction to the Leo. Leos love the sun and they love their little luxuries. Even their picnics will be indulgent and rather special. Almost like magic they will bring out  those little extras such as sparkling tealights, linen napkins and china plates! Whether it’s the smaller gigs taking place at local parks or a large scale music event, Leo will be the first to buy tickets. Leos will also love outdoor summer theatres.

Virgo Summer Activities

Family attractions and activities, days out at museums and galleries, visiting castles and ancient buildings will all appeal to the Virgo. Virgos enjoy planning family activities and are likely to delight everyone with their tantalising summer BBQ recipes. Virgos will enjoy visiting markets to see all the local produce. They might also make use of the warm summer weather by having a thorough clear-out and getting the household more organised.

Libra Summer Activities

Team games might appeal to the athletic Libran. Others who prefer more leisurely pursuits might while away the summer enjoying nature walks and coastal walks. A stroll along the beach, picnics by the sea and sunbathing are relaxing Libran summer pastimes. They should remember to apply sun block regularly and drink a lot of water to avoid sunstroke. Libran lovers might include a romantic getaway in their summer itinerary.

Scorpio Summer Activities

Martial arts are a great way to get Scorpio kids especially involved in a sport that involves strength, coordination and mental discipline. Scorpio is a spiritual sign and they will occasionally be found lying under a shady tree watching the clouds go by but generally they will want to feel they’re doing something useful with their time. Scorpio artists might use the warm weather to paint and draw the places they visit this summer.

Sagittarius Summer Activities

Adrenaline filled activities are a top summer preference for the Sagittarius such as  kayaking, canoeing, skydiving. Anything adventurous that pushes mental and physical boundaries suits the Sagittarius personality. Every year they might be keen to try something challenging and new. Travel, a day at the races, organising community events and camping are all Sagittarius fun summer activities.

Capricorn Summer Activities

When the summer arrives, Capricorns will be the first to pack a picnic hamper and head for the great outdoors. Capricorn hates to waste time and likes to feel they are getting something out of their leisure hours. This is why projects such as boat-building or woodwork classes will both entertain and instruct. Capricorns will always do a great job when involved in fund-raising activities. Capricorn kids will take little encouragement to learn more about nature, trees, wild flowers and animals.

Aquarius Summer Activities

Aquarius is likely to head for the outdoor festivals and sporting events going on in their area this summer. Anything new that the Aquarius has never tried before will get their interest. One summer they might be into hiking, the next summer biking, the next sailing or hang gliding. There’s nothing they like better than to think they’ve got something different out of their days. Getting out and about, meeting people and shaking a few new hands suits the sociable side of the Aquarian’s personality.

Pisces Summer Activities

Pisces is a water sign and if they get the chance they will head for the beach. Beach activities and swimming with friends and family will be enjoyed during the day, they’ll love it just as much during the warm evenings when they might walk along the water’s edge at moonlight, just listening to the waves. Pisceans who don’t live near an ocean will find a lake or river is just as good.


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