Network Topology-Advantages And Disadvantages of Star And Mesh Topology.

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Network Topology: Topology refers to arrangement of the nodes in the network. Topology is the geometrical representation of linking devices (usually called nodes) to each other in LAN. Possible topologies which are being used are mesh, bus, star, tree and ring.

Mesh topology: In this type of topology, every node has a dedicated point to point link to every other node in the netwok. This means each link carries traffic only between the two nodes it connects.

     If n is total no of nodes in network

     No. of links to connect these nodes in mesh = N (N-1)/2

     Each node should have (N-1) I/O ports as it require connection to every another node.

Mesh topology with Diagram


            No traffic problem as there are dedicated links.

            Robust as failure of one link does not affect the entire system.

            Security as data travels along a dedicated line.

            Points to point links make fault identification easy.


 The hardware is expansive as there is dedicated link for any two nodes and each device should have (n-1) I/O ports.

            There is mesh of wiring which can be difficult to manage.

            Installation is complex as each node is connected to every node.

Star Topology: In this type of arrangement, each node has dedicated point to point connection to a central controller hub. As there are no dedicated links between nodes this topology does not allow direct traffic between nodes.

Star Topology with diagram


Star topology is less expensive than a mesh topology as there are no dedicated links between nodes and each device needs only one link and one I/O ports to connect it to any number of nodes.

Easy to install and make configurations.

Robust as failure of one link does not affect the entire system. The remaining system will be active.                   


More cabling is required in a star than in other topologies (except mesh).

Entire network collapse if central controller fails.

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