Not all essential oils are created equal

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When I first heard of essential oils, I just thought that they were smelly oils that people used for aromatherapy and meditating. However, I kept hearing about them and wanted to learn more about them. One day while shopping at the local health food store, a woman by the essential oils saw me eyeing them and took the liberty to start my essential oil education. She told me how to apply them and use them aromatically in my home. I bought a couple and started to incorporate them into my life. I didn’t really notice any thing special about them.

Then, a couple of months later, I was invited to a friend’s daugther’s house to learn about a new company that sells 100% pure essential oils. She referred to them as her “tool kit”. They actually smelled great and potent. They didn’t smell like cheap stuff from the dollar mart, so I decided to try them out. I could tell the difference right away. I use them therapeutically for myself and my family. I have found them to be useful for both emotional and physical wellness. I am now an advocate of do TERRA essential oils . These Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils are 100% pure and natural compounds that are carefully extracted from plants. They do not contain artificial ingredients or fillers and are free from contaminants. Many essential oils claim to be 100% guaranteed, but only do Terra essential oils are Certified 100% pure. These pure essential oils are life changing and easy to use.


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