A Collection of Christmas Traditons

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A Collection of Christmas Traditons

Traditions are a wonderful way to create memories that last a lifetime. As a child, my mother made sure that we had many traditions that we repeated each year. I still remember those special times, and as a mother I have tried to do the same thing for my kids.

Here is a list of holiday and Christmas traditions that you can choose from. I hope they can add to making memories for your family during the holidays.

Attend a candlelight service.

Wish everyone you meet a Merry Christmas.

Buy a pair of red or green flannel pajamas to wear during the holidays.

Take a family photo by the Christmas tree each year. You can display them on your tree the following Christmas.

Adopt a family for the holidays.

Go to your towns Christmas parade.

When you do your holiday baking, make extra cookies and candies to deliver to your local police station, fire department, hospital, and nursing home.

Buy a new ornament for the tree each year.

Wear a Santa hat on Christmas day. Have one for each family member.

Buy a new Christmas CD to add to your collection each year. Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, Harry Connick Jr, and The Chipmunks are a must.

Try at least one new recipe.

Try one new decorating idea.

Add a new piece to your Christmas village each year and watch it grow.

On Christmas Eve, read Twas the Night Before Christmas and the birth of Christ from the Bible. Luke chapter 2.

Buy 2 or 3 more strands of lights each year.

Start a Christmas movie collection. Buy a new movie to add to it each year.

Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” while you wrap gifts.

Place Christmas books on the coffee table and read from them each night during December.

Have at least one meal illuminated only by the Christmas tree.

Buy Christmas mugs for each family member and use them during the holidays.

Play Christmas music while baking.

During December answer your phone by saying “Merry Christmas”.

Start a scrapbook to keep your kids letters to Santa.

Start a collection of Christmas cookie cutters.

Buy Christmas dishcloths, hand towels, and potholders to use each year.

Buy a large red or green candle and light it every night at dinner during December.

Start a holiday recipe collection and add to it each year.

When planning to go look at Christmas lights, take cups of hot chocolate and homemade cookies for each family member.

Make a “Christmas Morning Casserole” every year.



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