How to create a linked table of contents page in Microsoft Excel

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This type of index works well to organize your sales efforts or to maintain a running inventory. Follow these steps to create your Table of Contents page in Microsoft Excel.

  1. Insert a new worksheet and place it to the extreme left or first position and rename it “Table of Contents
  2. Name the first column accordingly. For example, if this is a spreadsheet tracking potential customers for your sales activities you may choose to name the first column “Customers”.
  3. Go down to the next row and type the name of your first worksheet that you need to link.
  4. After you have entered the name select the cell and right click on it and select “Hyperlink”. You can also select the cell and then use the menu bar to select “Insert” and then “Hyperlink”.
  5. The “Insert Hyperlink” dialog box will appear. Choose the “Document” tab and then click the “Locate” box next to “Anchor”.
  6. The “Select Place in Document” dialog box will appear. Click the arrow next to “Cell Reference” to expand the possible cell references
  7. Use the arrow to the right to scroll through your tabs if necessary. Select the appropriate cell reference and then click “Ok”. The link will automatically be linked to cell “A1” of the selected worksheet. If you need to link it anywhere other than A1 simply change it to B10 or F27 and the worksheet will link to that location.
  8. Click “Ok” and you are done. Test the link by clicking on the hyperlink you just created. When clicked it should leave the Table of Contents worksheet and take you to the worksheet that was linked.
  9. Repeat this process for each link you need to create.

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