ProxyBoxOnline – BAD free online web proxy server

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Proxy servers are commonly used by people, especially students and people in workplace, to bypass censors or firewalls set by the system administrators. So, even if the system admin blocks websites such as MySpace, Orkut or Facebook, you can sort of unblock the censor settings by using a web proxy.

The most important use of proxy services, however, is the security it provides to the common user. Sometimes it is recommended to browse using web proxies because they don’t leak any information about your IP, bank accounts to third parties or hacking tools. Interesting it may sound that the same technology that is used by hackers to steal info is held against them with a web proxy.

Most web proxies are accessible for free, even though some others charge the users a fee. However, while using one, make sure that it is not known to the censor who configures the firewalls.

ProxyBoxOnline is a bad free online web proxy server from the United States. Its server is placed in the U.S. It uses Glype proxy script, and the default page encoding is UTF-8. For non-UTF-8 pages, its support is poor, and there is garbled showed on these pages. To resolve this problem, you need to change its settings by yourselves. It also does not support SSL, which means you cannot visit https sites such as Gmail. When I try to access to Gmail, the sentences showed as below that “the site you are attempting to browse is on a secure connection. This proxy is not on a secure connection. The target site may send sensitive data, which may be intercepted when the proxy sends it back to you.” And the other disadvantage of this site is too much full screen ads which will affect you when you surf the internet.

You can try to use it follow the steps. Enter the page you want to visit in the address bar, and then click “Go!” button. If the page you visit appears garbled, right-click the web pages, select “code” in the pop-up menu, and then choose “Simplified Chinese (GB2312)” to solve this problem.

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