How to Visualize: Surrounded by leaves

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Lay down on a comfortable sofa, bed, or other location and close your eyes. Perhaps, ask a friend to read this visualization to you or record it for yourself.

You find yourself standing in the middle of a silent forest surrounded by leaves. Although there is a view of the horizon, you look down to view the leaves on the ground. The leaves are large and layered and there are more than you can count.You do not think of their numbers but only of their shapes and colors. You notice that many of the leaves have strong shades of orange and red colors. However, there are a minority of leaves that are various shades of green. You are careful not to move your feet because the air is dry and the leaves appear to be brittle. You the decide to reach down to touch a leaf. Which leaf will be first? Why do you pick that leaf? What other leaves did you consider for selection? How does the leaf feel? What are the colors of the leaf you selected. Describe the leaf you selected.

Tips & Warnings

  • Complete the visualization task.
  • Create your own visualizations, record them, and share them with others.
  • Repeat this visualization tasks again. What changes did you notice
  • If you created your own visualization task based on this, how was your visualization changed?
  • What are some additional ideas you think would make good subjects for visualizations?
  • If you shared this visualization with a friend, what was his or her response?

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