How to Create New German Words

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Words are created continually in most active languages. As people change the way they communicate, new fashions, or new fads form, new words or word variations appear as a result of changes. What are some new German words that can be added to the German language?

  • Tassescribletbitte – To draw pictures or doodle while you drink a cup of coffee. Well, coffee is supposed to perk you up (not decafe) and if it does not, start doobling. For example ‘Heinrich tassescribt heute morgen’. Tasse is the German word for ‘cup’ and scribe means to write
  • Fahrengehopt – Jumping out of a moving vehicle. If you are a stunt man applying for a driving part which requires German, this word be handy as you explain your experience. For example ‘Ich kann von einem Auto fahrengehopt’. Fahren is the German word to drive. In fact, a freeway on ramp is called an ein fahrt and the off ramp is an aus fahrt (yes, pronounced the way it is spelled).
  • Geheltobamahund – The effort of President Obama attempting to get a little doggy for his kids. If his daughters like his selection then they are Gutesgebenhundische. The word ‘Geheltobamahund ‘ can replace the whole sentence ‘Ich kaufe Sie einen Hund’. Gehe means to go and hund is the German word for dog.

Experiment yourself by using the Internet to find German words either in German dictiories or by using an online translation form. Mixing english words with German words can be very interesting. Try your new words with your friends.


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