Praying Simply

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  • Prayer is a form of communication with the Divine. We can pray at anytime and in any place. Prayer is verbal and can be non-verbal. Prayer can be private or public. There is a wide variation of prayer rituals.
  • Simple verbal prayer is best done in private. Your eyes do not need to be closed. Just start talking, sharing your thoughts. Don’t hold back your feelings. Don’t expect an answer. Just state what you are thinking of. Be as honest as you can.
  • Simple meditative prayer requires you to be still. If done privately make sure you have a pleasant room or environment that is non-distracting. Choose a soft place to sit so you feel comfortable. Lighting should be lowered and the environment should be quiet. Sit down and close your eyes. Relax your arms and all your muscles. Begin to imagine slow moving colored clouds each turning its own way. Now begin to communicate with your Divinity.
  • How do you know your prayers are listened to and answered? You may believe that your prayers are attended to but one may not know for sure. Sometimes thoughts spring up in our minds or images come that appear to be answers to specific issues we have addressed in prayer. Often these responses are comforting and helpful.
  • Additionally, sometimes we form opinions regarding our circumstances that seem to indicate there has been some type of relatedness to our prayers – interventions. Very few people, if any, have had some type of encounter with a Divine presence that appears to be a concrete intervention.
  • Faith is a big component to human to Divine communication. Some don’t think there is any Divine presence and many are not sure. Yet, some firmly believe. Each person is free to decide how he or she would like to address these activities. What seems to be most true is that many are benefited by prayer. For many, faith increases through prayer and a sense of loving Divinity becomes their experience. Prayer, when performed honestly even by those who don’t believe in a Divine presence, often results in changed perspectives. It is not that many suddenly believe but rather that they change their view and become more open to possibilities of Divine love, if not only with love through others.

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