Ways to Make Money Writing Online

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There are a lot of websites offering opportunities to earn money online. Searching through them to find legitimate sites takes time, mostly wasted time. There are a few legitimate sites that offer payment for writing skills. It does take time, effort and knowledge to write these articles but you can earn income from the following sites.

Associated Content
This site is the first site I began writing for. You can answer a call for content or submit your own articles for review. The payment upfront is small but the better money can be earned from page views. You’ll need to build a library of articles that contain evergreen content, but you will in time earn monthly payments from these articles.  (400 words minimum)

Bright Hub
Apply and be accepted. Mostly technology type content is desired. Articles pay 10 dollars as well as sharing in revenue. There are over 30 different technology channels to write for at this company. (400 words minimum)

Demand Studio
First apply to be accepted. You can either submit articles or video and tat depends upon what section of their site you join. They pay approximately fifteen dollars an article once it is accepted if you write to their content suggestions. You can submit your own, however they pay less. There is no pay per views and you relinquish your rights to the content. You can also be dropped from their pool of writers without explanation at any time, so don’t put all your talent eggs into this one basket. (Typically 400 words minimum – some with fewer words get accepted)

Another site where you can submit what you’d like to write. Again, no up front payment but you will earn for page views. (400 words minimum)

This is an interesting site with a few rules to learn and follow. Basically get paid for page views but you have to rate other articles and have a rating star to be paid. You can also earn writing stars. If you have a star, you can submit content to an area called Writers Needed. There are also debates to weigh in on as well as a Marketplace where you can earn big income if your article is chosen for the topic at hand. You can also submit content that you own the rights too, that you may have had published elsewhere. (400 words minimum)

This is blogging for income. Today pays for a 100-word post each day, and only one per day. They pay a dollar a post per day. Over time, that adds up. You will also earn for page views so if you can build a following, you’ll up your ante.

Submit what you’d like and are comfortable writing about. There is no upfront payment but you do earn for page views. You will be paid every month with no minimums needed. (400 words minimum)

There may be other sites. The above listed sites are first hand tried and true suggestions.


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