Why You Should Not Purchase a Puppy From a Pet Store

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Though many people who have purchased puppies from pet stores would like to believe otherwise, virtually all of the puppies sold in pet stores were purchased from puppy mills. There are many reasons not to purchase a puppy from a pet store.
Pet stores are concerned about the bottom line. Their profits. They try to keep veterinary bills at a minimum so puppies rarely get the attention they need. They are not properly socialized, being isolated in a cage most of the day so many develop behavioral problems and are frequently returned or brought to shelters.
Employees at pet stores frequently deny that their puppies come from puppy mills or puppy brokers. They will show you the AKC papers that prove that your puppy came from a “breeder”. “Breeder” is merely a word. Anyone who owns a female and a male dog is technically a “breeder”. This in no way means that said “breeder” is reputable or qualified. How do you know? Because no breeder worth their salt would ever allow one of their puppies to wind up in a pet store. Ever. A good breeder should insist on meeting your whole family. They care about where their puppies end up. A good breeder will ask you to sign a contract stating that if for any reason you are unable to keep your dog that they should be returned to the breeder to allow them to find a proper home. A “breeder” who allows their puppies to end up in pet stores who conduct absolutely no screening of potential owners and rely on the impulse shopper to survive, does not care about their dogs. And thereby is not a “qualified breeder”.
Some pet store puppies grow up to be well trained, happy, easily housetrained, companion for the family. Others are high-strung, anxious, destructive, or even sick. The chances are high that your dog will have genetic issues that will lead to health problems, some of which may not exhibit themselves for several years.
By purchasing a puppy from a pet store, you open a spot for another puppy to take it’s place. As long as there is a demand, there will be puppy mills to meet those demands. Spend the time, do your homework on your breeder. Make sure they are legit. There are those who think they are rescuing puppies from pet stores. Though their hearts are certainly in the right place, they’ve put money in the pockets of those who run puppy mills. As long as those people are still making money, puppy mills will still exist.


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